Limited Edition Prints

What is a Limited Edition Print?
In printmaking, an edition is a number of prints made from the artist’s original work. A limited edition is a fixed number of impressions printed on the understanding that no further copies will be produced later. Most modern artists produce only limited editions, usually signed by the artist in pencil, and numbered for example 15/50, meaning print number 15 of a total 50 prints. It shows the unique number of that impression and the total edition size.

Limited Edition prints potentially retain their value as an art investment because they are created by an artistic process and the number of multiples is limited which means they can become scarce.

Artemis Framing & Art Gallery has a great selection of prints, hand picked to suit all tastes and an appreciation of the artists who have created these beautiful artworks. Styles include Contemporary, Fine Art, Originals, Etchings, Screenprints, Photographic and more…


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