Art Conservation & Restoration

Our Art Conservator is an experienced restorer of 15 years. We can give a free, no obligation quote within a few days of physically sighting the artwork in our shop – (sorry, photos are not enough to inspect the damage).  If your artworks are affected they can be cleaned, repaired and restored and their prolonged conservation ensured. Please read the following advice given by our restorer to help you start the process.

Conservation of Artworks

To preserve and ensure the long life of your artworks, look for the following symptoms of possible damage or deterioration.

Works on Paper

Watercolours, etchings, prints and photographs should be checked for discolouration. Brown or yellow spots indicate foxing. This is a mould that grows in paper. Early detection and treatment can prevent deterioration of the artwork. Brown marks where the mount meets the paper indicate acid burn from the mount board. Replacement of the mount and treatment of the artwork will remove and arrest the acid burn. If works are glued to a backing, the glue can damage the artwork. Removal of the backing and treatment can reverse damage and prevent further deterioration. Yellowing of the paper caused by light exposure can also be treated.

Oil Paintings

Dirt, loss of varnish and damage can all diminish the life and viewing enjoyment of paintings. Oil paintings should have a clear varnish layer to protect the paint. Breakdown or yellowing of the varnish can compromise the life of the painting. Dirt or grime left for too long on a painting can eat into the paint and should be professionally cleaned by a conservator as soon as possible. Loss of paint or damage such as scratches or holes in the canvas can be repaired to ensure the life of the painting.


At Artemis we believe in conservation framing – a process whereby everything we use is acid free and everything we do is reversible. This technique in framing prolongs the life of your artworks and ensures that down the track you can change the colour or style of frame, matboard, backing or glass without affecting the art.

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